#28 Dyer Mountain 13,855 ft.

Date: April 7, 2013
Team: Christy, Ted
Route: Southeast Face

Dyer isn’t very interesting from a technical standpoint, but if you’re looking for a straightforward day with a very easy approach, this is the one.

We opted for the Southeast Face, from Iowa Gulch. The mountains of the Mosquito Range, like the Tenmile Range to the north, are often very windy. As a result, good snow cover may be hard to find some years. This route, though wind scoured, seems to hold enough snow for skiing, and is low angled enough to feel OK about the avalanche risk, even in mid-winter.

dyer mountain, ski 13ers

On the Iowa Gulch Road as it passes the South Ridge of Dyer Mountain.

The route is simple. From the start of the Iowa Gulch Jeep Road, skin the road for about four miles, to where it turns north to some old mine cabins. You’ll find yourself under some high-voltage power lines at this point, which actually show the way to the saddle between Dyer and Mount Sherman/Gemini. Follow the power lines for a bit, until you crest a small roll over on Dyer’s SE Face, and then scout the face for ski routes. Both the south and east ridges should have skiable snow, and on better years, lines on the center of the face should be filled in as well. Pick your line of ascent/descent and go.

dyer mountain, ski 13ers

Once above the mine cabins, the power lines, though unsightly, show the mellow route up.

We found the skiing was good, but we imagine it would have been even better had it been a warm spring day and the sun worked on the snow. It would be a great corn run if you timed it right.

ted mahon, ski 13ers, dyer mountain

On the summit, without much for inspiring views. Time to head down.

dyer mountain, ski13ers

There was barely enough light to ski without vertigo.

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