We’re on the road again, trying to check off a few more summits before summer arrives. After skiing on of the unnamed Centennials on Saturday, Chris and two friends, Cam Sylvester and Shane Robinson came down to Lake City and we headed towards Half Peak, 13,841 ft.

Half Peak

Half Peak.

Half Peak is an interesting one. We were a bit curious about how this peak would be for skiing because the mountain isn’t really conventional in shape. It’s a giant, gentle sloping ramp with a big flat summit, much like like a butte.

half Peak, christy mahon

On approach, the summit presents itself in a more typical fashion. We skinned up to the high snow below the summit and then scrambled up the rocks to the big plateau up top.

chris davenport, half peak

Dav at the top of the skin. From here the skis were racked. Half’s huge north face is to the right. No ski lines there.

christy mahon, half peak

Christy climbs through the rocks to the summit plateau.

With a recon photo from the day before on UN13832, we saw a few east facing lines of snow off the summit, so we headed up Cataract Gulch for a closer look. The approach was gorgeous, the climbing was fun and the skiing was really good. We’ll let the photos fill in the details.

Dav makes his way to the exact summit.

Dav makes his way to the exact summit.

half peak

Dropping in. Considering we weren’t sure what to expect with this mountain, the skiing was sweet.

Christy Mahon, half peak

Christy on the East Face.



And some of the locals we encountered on the way out.

And some of the locals we encountered on the way out.

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