Even though most people consider the ski season to be all wrapped up by May, it’s actually the best month of the whole year when it comes to climbing and skiing high peaks in Colorado. The late spring storms just seem to really stick.

ted mahon, centennial skiers

The name-less gem showed itself as we neared treeline.

christy mahon

Christy climbs out of Bent Creek

That was evident today, when Christy and I set out to ski Unnamed 13832, an unnamed Centennial peak outside of Lake City. We were here back in January and skied its neighbor, UN13811 much as we expected, we found the snow to be lacking.

It's a well defined mountain with a rather small summit and multiple ski options-- it should have a proper name.

It’s a well defined mountain with a rather small summit and multiple ski options– it should have a proper name.

ted mahon

Everything painted white. The 3rd week in May is always a winner for skiing summits in Colorado.

As we crested treeline today, aware that most of our friends have long retired their ski gear for the summer, we were blown away by the snow coverage. Everywhere we looked, in all directions, the mountains were just caked.

ted mahon, unnamed 13832

We were a little late on the corn timing. As you can see the clouds were already building (it was 11:30)

christy mahon, bent creek

And the longshot gully back down to Bent Creek allowed for some Super-Eights in the spring snow!

We skied the peak from the south, from near Bent Creek. The approach is long and trail-less like many 13ers are, but the skiing is fun up high, with long corn snow runs not to mention some great views and wildlife. We saw a moose, a fox, a snowshoe hare, a grouse, a woodpecker, as well as some other skin tracks from some recent skiers on this seemingly quiet, unnamed mountain.

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